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Miroslav Krutina

Attorney at law
CBA No. 10251

GSM: +420 602 179 733
phone: + 420 220 199 301


Criminal Law

Miroslav Krutina founded his law firm in 2004 after graduating from the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague, which he studied from 1993 till 1999 and after many years of engaging in the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, where he gained a wealth of professional experience, he had numerous opportunities to interact with top protagonists in the legal profession both with lawyer, judges, public prosecutors, senior administrative officials as well as with government or opposition politicians. Between 1999 and 2006 he organized and participated in a number of professional meetings and conferences focusing on the reform of criminal justice in a compatible form with the requirements of a modern rule of law. From the very beginning he profiled himself as a defence counsel in criminal matters, however in addition to criminal law (defence of natural and legal persons, extradition and other proceedings with an international element, expert analysis, compliance programs, internal audits, and in relation to this also representation of victims in criminal matters) in the office in cooperation with other specialists, he developed also specializations in the field of public law (e.g. administrative penalties, tax law, financial law, etc.), private law (civil law, corporate law), litigation both before courts and institutions out of court. Historically, the law firm is close to the problematic aspects of protection of human rights and especially its protection before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. Mgr. Krutina speaks fluently English and Russian at the professional level, at the conversational level German as well. In the office, he accompanied himself with talented and competent colleagues with an enthusiasm for law, focusing on a pro-client approach. As a criminal law specialist, he cooperates with leading Czech and European law firms. He presents his attitudes mainly in the form of interviews, primarily through Czech television, but also in professional literature, professional conferences and seminars at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague, the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the Probation and Mediation Service of the CR and other important institutions.


member of:

Člen pracovní skupiny CCBE Anti-Money-Laundering Committee (od 2018)
Člen pracovní skupiny CCBE Tax Committee (od 2018)
Člen pracovní skupiny CCBE European Convention Working Group (od 2018) Unie obhájců České republiky (od 2014)
Člen v sekci pro právo EU v České advokátní komoře (od 2012)
Člen European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) (od 2009)
Člen Advisory Board ECBA (od 2011)
Člen pracovní skupiny CCBE Criminal Law Committee (od 2010)
Člen Legal Experts Fair Trials International (od 2010)
Člen sekce pro trestní právo v České advokátní komoře (od 2008)
Česká advokátní komora (od 2004)
Praxe advokátního koncipienta v AK JUDr. Jaroslava Janečka - advokáta v Praze (2000-2002)
Český helsinský výbor (1997 - 2008)


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Contemporary Human Rights Issues In the Czech Republic (Czech Helsinki Committee, 2002, p. 47 – 85)
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Providing Data on Telecommunication Traffic And Search Of Home
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Protection of Citizens' Rights and Discrimination Issues (ICOS Český Krumlov, 2010)

prestigious awards:

The Judicial Union of the Czech Republic for Long-Term Work for the Independent Czech Democratic Judiciary, 25 November 2005
Acknowledgment of the Director General of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic Mgr. Kamila Meclová